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Custom Safety Badges

These safety-back badges are ideal for birthday parties and events for young children; instead of the usual metal pin on the back, there is a plastic clip that will attach to seams or pockets. Decreased risk of expensive lawsuits!

All of our badges are printed in using highest quality paper in full-colour. They are available in two sizes- 38mm and 58mm.

If you need a quantity that isn't listed here, or for larger orders please fill in an order form

38mm badge example
25mm badge example
safety back example
  •   10   £13.00
      25   £18.75
      50   £21.00
    100   £32.00
    200   £54.00
    300   £74.00
     500   £118.00
    1000   £218.00
    5000   £897.00
    10000   £1300.00

  •   10   £15.00
      25   £23.50
      50   £30.00
    100   £50.00
      250   £115.00
      300   £143.00
      500   £196.00
    1000   £313.00
    2000   £594.00
    10000   £1859.00

How to set up your artwork for badges

Images for badges should be quite large, big enough to fit our template or the finished badge may look quite blocky.

**Keep in mind how small the badges are when designing your image, as very small text or thin lines may not appear on the badge!

Once downloaded, this png file can be opened in any image editor (such as photoshop, gimp or coreldraw). It's transparent so you can place your artwork in a separate layer underneath the template.

The area in the inside circle will be the front of the badge, and for best results we recommend filling up to the outside edge for bleed so the image wraps around the edge of the badge:

template guide

Once you have the image placed where you want it on the badge, delete the inner circle (you don't want it appearing on the final product!) and save the completed template. It can be saved as png, jpeg, psd, ai... we can accept most image formats. Send it on to us either via e-mail or attached to the order form. We will confirm the artwork prior to making up the badges to ensure you are completely happy with the final product.

If you have any questions at all that aren't answered here then send us an email


download png template download pdf template download psd template